Ragged Thymes ~ HeartString Embroidery

Putting off what I should be doing…
May 27, 2009, 2:19 pm
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Ok – by sitting here typing on my blog I am putting off what I SHOULD be doing which is packing up this house!  We’ve only lived here a year, how in the world did we accumulate so much JUNK!  My kids’ rooms look like a paper mill threw up (not a pretty site..lol).  I wonder how many trees I could actually regrow with the amount of paper my girls have accumulated.  Legos – on my word – do my boys have legos!  We have legos under the beds, between the beds and walls  and in the closet.  No wonder they keep telling me they don’t have enough to make this or that – they can’t find half of them!  lol  🙂 

I complain about this in good nature 🙂  Legos and drawing papers are good things – it shows that my children are creative and they explore it and utilize it.  As a creative, artistist mom – that makes me so happy 🙂  I very much enjoy their drawings and looking at what they build.  Some times their ideas might be far-fetched, but at least they have ideas.  I love watching their gears turn in their minds when they are sitting with paper and crayon or have a stack of blocks in front of them.  It does my artist’s heart good and tugs on my HeartStrings (ohhh, just had to ya know… lol)

Sooo – I am now going to get up and GET BUSY!!!  The U-Haul will be here friday morning (it’s now wednesday morning) and we want to load it and go.  The new place is an hour and a half east so we only want to make one trip. 

Everyone have a great day 🙂  and smile at someone 🙂 you’ll be amazed at how good it feels.

Prim Blessings, Stephanie


Happy Friday
May 15, 2009, 10:27 am
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It’s friday, yea yea yea!  It’s been a long week here.  Between cleaning, packing, working and everything else – I’m tired!  🙂  Think I could sleep all day. 

Today PrimiStitch Club goes out.  I hope everyone enjoys this month’s designs.  And new releases on HeartStrings Embroidery.  Released a few new ones the other day but have a couple more like a summer sampler and saltbox sampler.  Ya’ll know I’m partial to saltbox houses. 

This weekend we’re going to take a load to the new house and get that put away before we start moving big stuff.  The kids having school until june 3 is really messing up my plans! lol  Wish they got out 2 days after Memorial Day like they have the last couple years.  Oh well – it’ll all work out 🙂  It is nice to move something and put it away right away.  Much less mess that way 🙂  But, moving in stages is a pain for sure. 

I’m really excited about our ‘new’ house!  Can’t wait for summer and the pool!!!  Gonna love that 🙂  Wonder how many laps I’ll have to swim to fit into my skinny jeans!  I don’t think there’s any pool long enough…rofl 

Everyone have a great friday and stitch something fun!!!