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New sampler club – $ave – Primitive/Antique Stitcheries

I have an announcment!

I’ve thought about this for a long time!  Here’s a way to get some great primitive & antique machine embroidery stitcheries (5×7) for less than half the regular price!!! 

There’s a NEW CLUB at Heartstrings Embroidery – the Sampler Club!  Get 3 samplers every week for $2 each (or less)…  Visit the new Sampler Club Page to read the details and join!  That’s 156 samplers a YEAR!!!  Delivered right to your email box!!!  🙂  🙂


RENOVATIONS SALE!!! 50% off embroidery design sets
HeartStrings Embroidery is changing after the first of the year. It’s going to under go major renovations and once the dust clears it’ll look like a whole new place. A lot of older designs are going to be retired so this may be your last chance to get some of these great designs. Everything (except Primitive Heart designs) is on SALE!!!  Sale ends 1/4/10 at midnight EST.

All Design Sets/Retiring Sets & Fonts – $5.00
Fonts & CDs – 50% off
Singles – 50% off
Everything Else – 40% off

Thank you & Happy Stitching
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CYBER MONDAY SALE!!! Prim Embroidery Designs & Samplers

~ ~ Hi Everyone ~ ~

CYBER MONDAY (officially renamed the “it’s-monday-and-I’m-stuck-at-work-but-I’m-shopping-hehe“) is here!!! There’s lots of New Releases at HeartStrings Embroidery and they’re at 25% off instead of the usual 20%. Hide in your cubicle, grab a cup of strong java and enjoy shopping today!

Just a few pictures of some of the new designs.  There’s plenty more including redwork, gingerbread guy & gal and the sheep willows!!!  Oh – 2 new FREEBIES!!!

Jesus is the reason for the season

Christmas Sampler

It’s a Charlie Brown of a Christmas Sampler

 New Releases go back to 20% tuesday morning at 9 am EST ~ I hope everyone has a wonderful week ~ Blessings & Hugs, Stephanie

Harvest Days Sale at HeartStrings Embroidery

Harvest Blessings to you from HeartStrings Embroidery http://www.heartstringsembroidery.com/catalog/

A new sampler and freebie every day this week as we celebrate and hope for a bountiful harvest!


Singles ~ 50% off

CD Collections ~ 50% off & free shipping

Fonts ~ 25% off

Everything else ~ 20% off

Freebie & New Sampler Every Day

Sale ends November 1st at midnight EST ~ Primitive Heart Designs excluded

Thank you & Happy Stitchin’



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I’m a bad blogger…
July 12, 2009, 2:26 pm
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Wow, am I a bad blogger or what! I haven’t posted a new blog since the end of May and it’s now the middle of July! Bad bad blogger 😦  I’m a good tweeter though, I Twitter almost every day! 🙂  Does that give me some sort of redemption?  lol 

It’s sunday and I’m feeling goofy today. We finally got moved and mostly settled. Still haven’t gotten everything where I want it but it’s workable. Need to rearrange the kitchen cabinets a bit to make the kitchen flow a bit smoother but overall I really like our new home 🙂  Need to figure out where to put my collection of mason and other miscellaneous jars (they’re still in the boxes I packed them in). Hate to put breakables on shelves because I’ve had a few fall down and everything broke.  That’s just heartbreaking when it’s something that can’t be replaced.  I’ll figure it out I’m sure…one of these days! lol  🙂

Kids are enjoying our new town. The library is within walking distance so my kids are …  ready for this … going to the library almost every day … and it’s SUMMER!  They’re reading and participating in the classes and I think it’s just wonderful!  They have a lot more responsibilities here than they did out in the cornfield, such as a pool to clean every day and a yard overflowing with plants and flowers that must be weeded and tended.  They’re doing great and every day I notice I don’t have to remind them quite as much as the day before to do their ‘chores’. 

I’m gearing up for what is normally Christmas in July at HeartStrings Embroidery – but this year I’m calling it Happy Everything!  I think my overall theme this year will be the seasons.  4 season quilt blocks and a bunch of other things all revolving around the seasons or months or days of the week.  Haven’t decided what all new designs I will have, but they’ll be lots plus a freebie every day. If you have a suggestion for a design you’ve been wanting, let me know.  I have wonderful artists that can draw anything so give me a shout out!

Well I’ve rambled quite a bit now. I need to get busy doing my ‘chores’..the pool needs vacuumed, weeds need pulled and I need to put together our new (to us) pool table.  A little funny…my kids asked me if I could not PRIM out the rec room!  🙂  ROFL  I thought that was too funny!  lol  So I guess that means no saltbox or willow trees or tea-dye allowed in there…rofl rofl 

Have a great day & SMILE 🙂

Friday new release embroidery designs

It’s Friday! Yeaaa – long weekend ahead! 🙂  Anyone plan on swimming?  Here in Ohio it’s always iffy – if it’s warm enough and the water doesn’t have a layer of ice on it! lol  Our pool is just about filled and it’s got a heater…so maybe…  lol  We all know my kids will be right in it, blue lips and everything.  Don’t ya sometimes wish you were still a kid and had no fear.  I wonder if I could still ride a bike… hmmm  lol

Anyway – new releases today at HeartStrings Embroidery.  There’s also a new freebie – applique fishing lure.


Farm Blocks – 4 square.  So many uses!  I did mine in 1 color because I like the look.  Great for applique on towels or a quick and easy wall hanging.


This Olde Crows has worn himself out and crashed – right into my favorite summer food – watermelon! lol



Bless Our Nation – great companion to last week’s Olde Glory!

Everyone have a wonderful long weekend and on monday, take a second out to remember those that have come before us in the USA to fight for our freedom.  Say a Thank You and special prayer for them 🙂

HUGS & Happy Stitching


New embroidery designs..

Happy Thursday everyone 🙂  It’s a beautiful day here in Ohio and here I sit inside making embroidery designs 🙂  Windows are open and I have a wonderful breeze blowing through the house.  Memorial Day weekend weather looks good.  I bet my kids get in the pool even though I know it’s going to be COLD!  Oh, the joy of being a kid.

I put up 3 new designs on HeartStrings today.  Americana and Grandma and Grandpa.  You can never have too much Americana I think 🙂  I haven’t snapped pictures yet, sorry about the computer generated pictures.