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CYBER MONDAY SALE!!! Prim Embroidery Designs & Samplers

~ ~ Hi Everyone ~ ~

CYBER MONDAY (officially renamed the “it’s-monday-and-I’m-stuck-at-work-but-I’m-shopping-hehe“) is here!!! There’s lots of New Releases at HeartStrings Embroidery and they’re at 25% off instead of the usual 20%. Hide in your cubicle, grab a cup of strong java and enjoy shopping today!

Just a few pictures of some of the new designs.  There’s plenty more including redwork, gingerbread guy & gal and the sheep willows!!!  Oh – 2 new FREEBIES!!!

Jesus is the reason for the season

Christmas Sampler

It’s a Charlie Brown of a Christmas Sampler

 New Releases go back to 20% tuesday morning at 9 am EST ~ I hope everyone has a wonderful week ~ Blessings & Hugs, Stephanie


Celebrations wrapping up…

 The Anniversary Celebration at HeartStrings is entering into it’s last day.  It’s over on April 5th at midnight EST.  I partied until I’m about ready to drop and my dancing shoes are wore out!  THANK YOU to everyone who came and celebrated with me!!!



Thank You & Happy Stitching
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Day 3 – new designs + Featured Designs

Hi Everyone! Here are today’s new release and featured products and Flitter Flutter

Friday’s Gift Certificate Winner ~ Linda P.

Saturday’s Gift Certificate Winner ~ Kathy B.

Sunday’s Gift Certificate Winner ~ Mary T.

Thank you for celebrating with me! I still can’t believe it’s been 14 years since I started in this wonderful world of embroidery.  I have been so blessed 🙂

 Victory Garden Sampler 5x7

Victory Garden Sampler

Love this design! Flowers, pumpkins and stars surround this wonderful fence-line and flag.


Seeds in  Row Sampler
 Plant your seeds

all in a row


One for the blackbird


One for the crow


5×7 or 4×4 Split


Plant Your Seeds Sampler 5x7 

Appliqué Crow, 2 sizes ~ Only the Crow Knows Sampler ~ Red, White & Ewe, Filled & Redwork ~ Quilting’ Redwork Font

CROW Applique Large Set  Only the Crow Knows Where the Sunflower Grows Sampler 5x7  Red, White & Ewe Set  Quiltin' Redwork Font


Flitter Flutter #3


Happy Stitching & Blessings, Stephanie

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PrimiStitch Club embroidery designs out!!!

Wow – it was a rough month this month but I managed to get PrimiStitch Club designs out, only 3 days late!  lol  I knew saturday was the 14th and tuesday was the 17th but somehow missed the fact that the 15th fell somewhere in the middle… 

…to top that – my website got hacked and that threw me into a tail-spin.  What purpose did some idiot have to come into my site and post all kinds of stupid code all over my pages?  I mean really don’t they have anything better to do than mess with those of us hard-working folks???  Yea I’m pretty ticked and upset about it. 

Anyway – this is my monthly embroidery design club.  Every month you get 10 great prim and country type designs.  It’s starting it’s third year!  I was afraid it wouldn’t get past the first 3 months!  lol


Well I hope everyone has a great thursday!  It’s Survivor and CSI night!!!  It’s mom’s night to veg out, eat popcorn and watch some tv!  I look forward to thursday night all week!!

Happy Stitching,  Stephanie

New designs this week…

Hi Everyone!  It’s snowing in Ohio!  And I mean snowing!  They’re calling for 7 inches by tomorrow morning.  Sounds like a good time to curl up with the sewing and embroidery machine and finish some of these UFOs. I would love to get the wall hanger done with the quilt blocks from last, ummm, spring…lol  But than again I’m reading a really good Grisham novel so maybe popcorn and a book are called for instead.
So far I’m doing well on my resolution to use my blog! 🙂 Not sure if I’ve said anything worth reading so far, but hopefully I will at some point <giggle>
This week’s designs are a hodge-podge.  No real theme. There’s a new Simple Saltbox Mat to coordinate with the other Simple Saltbox designs. And of course there are the snowmen that I promised. I really like our frosty friends this week. The Willow and Ewe design has joined the ranks as one of my favorites of all time.
We’re excited on the Prim Embroidery Forum about Valentine’s Day!  We set up a Valentine’s Swap!  If you want to join us, please stop on over and register.
Have a great week and may blessings be yours 

 This adroable sheep and willow has joined my all thyme favorite list.  I love this design!!!

5×7 Sampler  

PRIMePriced ~ 20% offHomeberries Exclusive

 Isn’t this pretty!  A simple prim heart for your Valentine.

PRIMePriced ~ 20% offHomeberries Exclusive 

5×7 Design  

These motif fill frosty friends are spelling out SNOW for you! The letters stitch last, easy to remove if you want to use as singles

4×4 Set   ~   5×7 Set

PRIMe Priced ~ 20% off 


Simple Saltbox Mat 

This is the same mat – wow what a difference!  I really like one color on the dark background. This continues the Simple Saltbox Series.  There are samplers and towel designs that match.

4 Inch ~ 5 Inch ~ 6 Inch ~ 7 Inch ~ 8 Inch

PRIMe Priced ~ 20% off

Thank you & Happy Stitching 

HeartStrings Embroidery

It’s Thursday… busy busy
January 8, 2009, 11:37 am
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It’s Thursday…I know… so what!  There’s a thursday every week…lol  Thursday in the world of me means designs to get ready for friday release.  It’s stitching and snapping pictures, converting designs and zipping, uploading and writing listings.  It’s a busy day for me. 

 Today, so far, has been even more busy than normal.  I wrote an article for Stitches Magazine that I hope to get published.  It’s for their ChitChat column.  I hope they like it.  🙂  I’ll keep you posted on whether it gets selected for the magazine or not.

 New on HSE’s homefront – a new monthly club is coming soon.  The old club, PrimiStitch Club, isn’t going anywhere, this is a new addition.  I don’t have a name per say just yet but will soon.  It’s an entirely exclusive club.  The only time these designs will be available on HeartStrings will be through this club.  It’ll be cheap, maybe $5 a month, $50 for the year.  I’ll keep you updated on the progress and when it’s open for member signup.

I added a new page to HSE’s site.  It’s Previous Releases and it will show what new designs are available every week in thumbnail view.  It will be a quick and easy way to see what was put out a couple weeks ago. 

Well back to my machine.  It’s stitching out a gorgeous willow tree design for tomorrow release.  I’m partial to willow trees and saltbox houses, if you can’t tell by my site! lol  I really like this one and think it’s going on a pillow for my couch.  Now to just keep the dog away from it….Huckleberry seems to have a fondness for embroidered items.  Maybe the threads taste good??? 

Until tomorrow when I post new releases.  Have a great thursday!!!

HUGS, Stephanie

Tree Streamer In The Hoop, Christmas & Willow Samplers

Hi Everyone

What’s new this week at HeartStrings Embroidery

I hope everyone has a Wonderful Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a Blessed New Year.  Thank you for a wonderful 2008 and I’m looking forward to what 2009 has to bring.
Holiday Blessings 

 If you’re like me, you’re a last minute gift maker! 🙂 My samplers and in the hoop projects make last minute gift giving easy! Quickly stitch a sweet sentiment
sampler or run a candle mat done entirely in the hoop! I have something for everyone 🙂

15% off all samplers, in the hoop, holiday singles and much more!

20% off all New Releases

10% off all Fonts

Tree Streamer




Oh Christmas Tree…

You will love the versatility of this in the hoop project. 

Two sizes and complete color instructions included.


Christmas Snowman Hearts Sampler

 May Christmas Wishes

Snowman Dreams

Hearts full of joy

Be Yours! 

5×7 Sampler

PRIMePriced ~ 20% off

Merry Moose 

  This charming moose is wishing you a Merry Christmas 

Homeberries Exclusive


5×7 Design 

4×4 Design 

Lit Up for the Season 

How adorable is this sheep who has decorated himself with lights.  He’s all ready to celebrate!

5×7 Sampler

Homeberries Exclusive 

PRIMePriced 20% off

Joy Angel Willow Pot

The newest addition to our Willow Pot Series.

Homeberries Exclusive

PRIMePriced 20% off

5×7 Sampler

4×4 Split