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CYBER MONDAY SALE!!! Prim Embroidery Designs & Samplers

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CYBER MONDAY (officially renamed the “it’s-monday-and-I’m-stuck-at-work-but-I’m-shopping-hehe“) is here!!! There’s lots of New Releases at HeartStrings Embroidery and they’re at 25% off instead of the usual 20%. Hide in your cubicle, grab a cup of strong java and enjoy shopping today!

Just a few pictures of some of the new designs.  There’s plenty more including redwork, gingerbread guy & gal and the sheep willows!!!  Oh – 2 new FREEBIES!!!

Jesus is the reason for the season

Christmas Sampler

It’s a Charlie Brown of a Christmas Sampler

 New Releases go back to 20% tuesday morning at 9 am EST ~ I hope everyone has a wonderful week ~ Blessings & Hugs, Stephanie


Harvest Days Sale at HeartStrings Embroidery

Harvest Blessings to you from HeartStrings Embroidery http://www.heartstringsembroidery.com/catalog/

A new sampler and freebie every day this week as we celebrate and hope for a bountiful harvest!


Singles ~ 50% off

CD Collections ~ 50% off & free shipping

Fonts ~ 25% off

Everything else ~ 20% off

Freebie & New Sampler Every Day

Sale ends November 1st at midnight EST ~ Primitive Heart Designs excluded

Thank you & Happy Stitchin’



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Oh Happy Day…

Hi Everyone!


  I hope everyone had a great weekend! We sure did and I am in such high spirits  and in such a good mood that I want to share it!   Who says you can’t be in a good mood on Monday   I even pulled out the sappy smileys  

Save 15% off any order

Use Coupon Code HSEHappyDay

Offer Expires: May 1st at 12:01 am EST


New Freebies


Sale today… featured products…

Good morning 🙂  Thank you for the suggestions..watch for those in the upcoming days 🙂  Thank you for celebrating my anniversary with me.  I’m having so much fun!!

The featured products today change at 3 pm but for half of today they are Mother’s Day Sentiments, Willow & Twigs, Prim Font and Spring Sentiments:


The new product yesterday is the Country Tin – available in 3 styles or as a convienant set:
And we can’t forget the first Flitter Flutter 🙂
See ya today at 3 o’clock for today’s New Releases (think A B C D E F G…), Featured Products (hmmm not sure just yet) and Flitter Flutter #2.  Who is going to win yesterday’s gift certificate….  Hubby will pick that winner (hey, he’s bribeable..rofl)
Happy Stitching & Thank You
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One Day Only Freebies ~ 39% off ~ Come Party at HSE!
March 4, 2009, 12:09 pm
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 A lil black crow, flying high and low, delivered some presents, tied with a bow.

“Birthday presents”, the lil crow did call, “get them today, free designs for all!” 

Sale tag are hanging, don’t be tardy. March 4th only, it’s my birthday party! 


39% off all purchases ~ one day only 

Why 39% you ask…I’m celebrating 39 for the 1st time..lol

Primitive Heart Designs excluded ~ sale ends 3/5/09 at 12:01 am EST

Thank You & Happy Stitching
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Cold Thursday…
February 5, 2009, 1:08 pm
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Oh man is it cold outside.  brrrr I’m so ready for spring – as I’m sure most of us are.  This winter has been so cold…I’ve tried to hide in the house as much as possible…lol

My hubby had an accident – again!  This poor guy has just had a black cloud over him this year.  First he got hit with a case of Coke at Walmart and broke his jaw, that happened the middle of january.  Than he wrecked our car – totaled.  Than our truck blew a pully and belt.  Still need to get that fixed but it’s a huge expense.  Now, he slipped on the ice and snapped two tendens in his foot.  Dr is recommending surgery but he won’t do it.  So he’s hobbling around on crotches and is off work.  I love having him home but he’s so miserable he’s not much fun to be around.

Well, HeartStrings news…all Valentine & Heart singles are 50% off until Valentine’s Day.  All sets and samplers are still 15% off.  I have some great new designs coming out tomorrow that I’m really excited about!  I hope ya’ll will be too 🙂

Have a great day and see ya tomorrow

Tree Streamer In The Hoop, Christmas & Willow Samplers

Hi Everyone

What’s new this week at HeartStrings Embroidery

I hope everyone has a Wonderful Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a Blessed New Year.  Thank you for a wonderful 2008 and I’m looking forward to what 2009 has to bring.
Holiday Blessings 

 If you’re like me, you’re a last minute gift maker! 🙂 My samplers and in the hoop projects make last minute gift giving easy! Quickly stitch a sweet sentiment
sampler or run a candle mat done entirely in the hoop! I have something for everyone 🙂

15% off all samplers, in the hoop, holiday singles and much more!

20% off all New Releases

10% off all Fonts

Tree Streamer




Oh Christmas Tree…

You will love the versatility of this in the hoop project. 

Two sizes and complete color instructions included.


Christmas Snowman Hearts Sampler

 May Christmas Wishes

Snowman Dreams

Hearts full of joy

Be Yours! 

5×7 Sampler

PRIMePriced ~ 20% off

Merry Moose 

  This charming moose is wishing you a Merry Christmas 

Homeberries Exclusive


5×7 Design 

4×4 Design 

Lit Up for the Season 

How adorable is this sheep who has decorated himself with lights.  He’s all ready to celebrate!

5×7 Sampler

Homeberries Exclusive 

PRIMePriced 20% off

Joy Angel Willow Pot

The newest addition to our Willow Pot Series.

Homeberries Exclusive

PRIMePriced 20% off

5×7 Sampler

4×4 Split