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New sampler club – $ave – Primitive/Antique Stitcheries

I have an announcment!

I’ve thought about this for a long time!  Here’s a way to get some great primitive & antique machine embroidery stitcheries (5×7) for less than half the regular price!!! 

There’s a NEW CLUB at Heartstrings Embroidery – the Sampler Club!  Get 3 samplers every week for $2 each (or less)…  Visit the new Sampler Club Page to read the details and join!  That’s 156 samplers a YEAR!!!  Delivered right to your email box!!!  🙂  🙂


PrimiStitch Club Designs for May

Wow – 2 posts in one day…what’s wrong with me!  🙂  Now don’t get spoiled cuz this won’t happen often – if ever again!  lol

PrimiStitch Club designs just went out!  If you love prim and country machine embroidery designs – you need to check out this club.  You never know what I’ll send out each month 🙂 and the surprise is half the fun.  The members call it a present in their mailbox every month.  What’s better than that?  This month there is a BONUS…but I’m not giving any hints 🙂

Happy Friday
May 15, 2009, 10:27 am
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It’s friday, yea yea yea!  It’s been a long week here.  Between cleaning, packing, working and everything else – I’m tired!  🙂  Think I could sleep all day. 

Today PrimiStitch Club goes out.  I hope everyone enjoys this month’s designs.  And new releases on HeartStrings Embroidery.  Released a few new ones the other day but have a couple more like a summer sampler and saltbox sampler.  Ya’ll know I’m partial to saltbox houses. 

This weekend we’re going to take a load to the new house and get that put away before we start moving big stuff.  The kids having school until june 3 is really messing up my plans! lol  Wish they got out 2 days after Memorial Day like they have the last couple years.  Oh well – it’ll all work out 🙂  It is nice to move something and put it away right away.  Much less mess that way 🙂  But, moving in stages is a pain for sure. 

I’m really excited about our ‘new’ house!  Can’t wait for summer and the pool!!!  Gonna love that 🙂  Wonder how many laps I’ll have to swim to fit into my skinny jeans!  I don’t think there’s any pool long enough…rofl 

Everyone have a great friday and stitch something fun!!!

March PrimiStitch Designs
March 19, 2009, 1:59 pm
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March PrimiStitch designs went out a couple days late.  I am really happy with the designs this month 🙂  My personal favorite is the knitted heart followed by the ugly annie and flower. 

Don’t know what the PrimiStitch Club is? 

The PrimiStitch Club is a monthly subscription club for machine embroidery designs. All designs remain exclusive to the club ~ the designs will not be offered to non-members for a period of up to one year. As a PrimiStitch Club Member you will receive 10 NEW designs every month! This is ONLY 50 cents per design. Sign up for a whole year and pay even less!  You also get 20% off all purchases on HeartStrings Embroidery!

PrimiStitch Club embroidery designs out!!!

Wow – it was a rough month this month but I managed to get PrimiStitch Club designs out, only 3 days late!  lol  I knew saturday was the 14th and tuesday was the 17th but somehow missed the fact that the 15th fell somewhere in the middle… 

…to top that – my website got hacked and that threw me into a tail-spin.  What purpose did some idiot have to come into my site and post all kinds of stupid code all over my pages?  I mean really don’t they have anything better to do than mess with those of us hard-working folks???  Yea I’m pretty ticked and upset about it. 

Anyway – this is my monthly embroidery design club.  Every month you get 10 great prim and country type designs.  It’s starting it’s third year!  I was afraid it wouldn’t get past the first 3 months!  lol


Well I hope everyone has a great thursday!  It’s Survivor and CSI night!!!  It’s mom’s night to veg out, eat popcorn and watch some tv!  I look forward to thursday night all week!!

Happy Stitching,  Stephanie

Celebrate USA @ HeartStrings – SALE!

Hi everyone!!  I am still moving!!!  Who knew I had this much STUFF!!  lol

This week at HeartStrings Embroidery we’re celebrating the USA!!!  All USA, Patriotic and Americana designs are ON SALE!!!  Stop by to save 10% off these sets, singles and samplers!!!
We are also continuing our 10% sale on all other singles, In The Hoop and samplers!!!
Letter M is up on the Embroidery Name Library!  We’re halfway through the Razar Font! 🙂

Thank You & Happy Stitching
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June PrimiStitch Club

This month’s feature is on Americana and the Annies are too cute!!! For just $5.00 a month you get 10 Prim & Country designs!! Check out the club at http:/ /www.primitstitchclub.com

June Designs

June PrimiStitch Club

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