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I’m a bad blogger…
July 12, 2009, 2:26 pm
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Wow, am I a bad blogger or what! I haven’t posted a new blog since the end of May and it’s now the middle of July! Bad bad blogger 😦  I’m a good tweeter though, I Twitter almost every day! 🙂  Does that give me some sort of redemption?  lol 

It’s sunday and I’m feeling goofy today. We finally got moved and mostly settled. Still haven’t gotten everything where I want it but it’s workable. Need to rearrange the kitchen cabinets a bit to make the kitchen flow a bit smoother but overall I really like our new home 🙂  Need to figure out where to put my collection of mason and other miscellaneous jars (they’re still in the boxes I packed them in). Hate to put breakables on shelves because I’ve had a few fall down and everything broke.  That’s just heartbreaking when it’s something that can’t be replaced.  I’ll figure it out I’m sure…one of these days! lol  🙂

Kids are enjoying our new town. The library is within walking distance so my kids are …  ready for this … going to the library almost every day … and it’s SUMMER!  They’re reading and participating in the classes and I think it’s just wonderful!  They have a lot more responsibilities here than they did out in the cornfield, such as a pool to clean every day and a yard overflowing with plants and flowers that must be weeded and tended.  They’re doing great and every day I notice I don’t have to remind them quite as much as the day before to do their ‘chores’. 

I’m gearing up for what is normally Christmas in July at HeartStrings Embroidery – but this year I’m calling it Happy Everything!  I think my overall theme this year will be the seasons.  4 season quilt blocks and a bunch of other things all revolving around the seasons or months or days of the week.  Haven’t decided what all new designs I will have, but they’ll be lots plus a freebie every day. If you have a suggestion for a design you’ve been wanting, let me know.  I have wonderful artists that can draw anything so give me a shout out!

Well I’ve rambled quite a bit now. I need to get busy doing my ‘chores’..the pool needs vacuumed, weeds need pulled and I need to put together our new (to us) pool table.  A little funny…my kids asked me if I could not PRIM out the rec room!  🙂  ROFL  I thought that was too funny!  lol  So I guess that means no saltbox or willow trees or tea-dye allowed in there…rofl rofl 

Have a great day & SMILE 🙂


Putting off what I should be doing…
May 27, 2009, 2:19 pm
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Ok – by sitting here typing on my blog I am putting off what I SHOULD be doing which is packing up this house!  We’ve only lived here a year, how in the world did we accumulate so much JUNK!  My kids’ rooms look like a paper mill threw up (not a pretty site..lol).  I wonder how many trees I could actually regrow with the amount of paper my girls have accumulated.  Legos – on my word – do my boys have legos!  We have legos under the beds, between the beds and walls  and in the closet.  No wonder they keep telling me they don’t have enough to make this or that – they can’t find half of them!  lol  🙂 

I complain about this in good nature 🙂  Legos and drawing papers are good things – it shows that my children are creative and they explore it and utilize it.  As a creative, artistist mom – that makes me so happy 🙂  I very much enjoy their drawings and looking at what they build.  Some times their ideas might be far-fetched, but at least they have ideas.  I love watching their gears turn in their minds when they are sitting with paper and crayon or have a stack of blocks in front of them.  It does my artist’s heart good and tugs on my HeartStrings (ohhh, just had to ya know… lol)

Sooo – I am now going to get up and GET BUSY!!!  The U-Haul will be here friday morning (it’s now wednesday morning) and we want to load it and go.  The new place is an hour and a half east so we only want to make one trip. 

Everyone have a great day 🙂  and smile at someone 🙂 you’ll be amazed at how good it feels.

Prim Blessings, Stephanie

Happy Friday
May 15, 2009, 10:27 am
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It’s friday, yea yea yea!  It’s been a long week here.  Between cleaning, packing, working and everything else – I’m tired!  🙂  Think I could sleep all day. 

Today PrimiStitch Club goes out.  I hope everyone enjoys this month’s designs.  And new releases on HeartStrings Embroidery.  Released a few new ones the other day but have a couple more like a summer sampler and saltbox sampler.  Ya’ll know I’m partial to saltbox houses. 

This weekend we’re going to take a load to the new house and get that put away before we start moving big stuff.  The kids having school until june 3 is really messing up my plans! lol  Wish they got out 2 days after Memorial Day like they have the last couple years.  Oh well – it’ll all work out 🙂  It is nice to move something and put it away right away.  Much less mess that way 🙂  But, moving in stages is a pain for sure. 

I’m really excited about our ‘new’ house!  Can’t wait for summer and the pool!!!  Gonna love that 🙂  Wonder how many laps I’ll have to swim to fit into my skinny jeans!  I don’t think there’s any pool long enough…rofl 

Everyone have a great friday and stitch something fun!!!

Hubby feeling better
March 22, 2009, 1:53 pm
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It’s been a hectic couple weeks here.  Hubby was in the hospital and got 2 stints put in.  One was a 99% blockage in his main artery with a blood clot. Guess the doctor wasn’t expecting that during the procedure because hubby said the room went wild right before they knocked him out cold.  Dr informed us that if he hadn’t of gotten help when he did, he had about a 2 weeks time line before the clot broke free and he would of dropped dead where he stood.  Scary thought – one that really makes you think and puts things in perspective.  Being a widow at 39 with 4 kids, ages 6-13, was never in my game plan and losing my 42 year old hubby has never even been in the thought process.  He has me a bit scared now – he’s picked up a cold, coughing and conjestion.  If he doesn’t feel better today he’s going back in.  I’m scared he may cough the stints lose (can you do that?).  He’s going to take it easy today and let’s hope the kids coorporate.  Hopefully he’ll settle in and watch the race and not try to be Superman today.

In the meantime I’m going to make breakfast and get the pork roast in the crock pot for bbq sandwiches today.  In laws came out last night and we had a fun evening of playing cards and grilling hamburgers on the grill.  I wasn’t feeling the greatest (still dealing with head cold and sinuses) but still enjoyed the evening.

Just poured my first cup of coffee and off to get breakfast ready. Everyone have a great week!

HUGGERS, Stephanie

PrimiStitch Club embroidery designs out!!!

Wow – it was a rough month this month but I managed to get PrimiStitch Club designs out, only 3 days late!  lol  I knew saturday was the 14th and tuesday was the 17th but somehow missed the fact that the 15th fell somewhere in the middle… 

…to top that – my website got hacked and that threw me into a tail-spin.  What purpose did some idiot have to come into my site and post all kinds of stupid code all over my pages?  I mean really don’t they have anything better to do than mess with those of us hard-working folks???  Yea I’m pretty ticked and upset about it. 

Anyway – this is my monthly embroidery design club.  Every month you get 10 great prim and country type designs.  It’s starting it’s third year!  I was afraid it wouldn’t get past the first 3 months!  lol


Well I hope everyone has a great thursday!  It’s Survivor and CSI night!!!  It’s mom’s night to veg out, eat popcorn and watch some tv!  I look forward to thursday night all week!!

Happy Stitching,  Stephanie

The black cloud continues
February 17, 2009, 9:42 pm
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Ok – can someone huff and puff and blow this black cloud away.  It’s been a heck of a year – and it’s only february 17th…

First my hubby had a case of pop fall and break his jaw, than he totaled our car, than he broke his foot, than the truck broke down… now my site got hacked.  Not just the main site – all of my site.  We’re talking forum, cart, photo gallery…  No customer info was compromised but it’s still a scary thing.  I feel so violated!!  Don’t people have better things to do???  Why would someone mess with me and my little area of the web?  I have the best cart-manager EVER and she was able to save my cart system with no loss of information.  Marian you rock!!!  I am so stressed out over this it’s not funny.  Having a hard time digitizing or focusing on anything and I feel so silly for being this upset about it.  But, my site is ME!  It’s my business, my blood sweat and tears that went into building it, my blood sweat and tears maintain it and everything.  I am just devistated by the whole ordeal. 

I truly don’t know what I would of done had Marian not been able to save my store.  I truly think I would of crawled into bed in the fetal position sucking my thumb.  I can not imagine rebuilding my store.  I have almost 2,000 product listings, plus all the extra that goes into the site such as project instruction and everything else.

But, today is my daughter’s 9th birthday so we’re going to chin up and celebrate her birthday!  No reason my girl should have to suffer cuz mom had a bad day.  My girl is super-duper and I am so proud of her!!  She had a severe case of verbal apraxia and has fought for every word she has ever said.  She has worked harder at school than my other 3 kids puts together-overcoming huge hurdles.  She rocks like woodstock!!!  Happy Birthday Amanda!!!! 

As Scarlett would say, tomorrow is another day…

Cold Thursday…
February 5, 2009, 1:08 pm
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Oh man is it cold outside.  brrrr I’m so ready for spring – as I’m sure most of us are.  This winter has been so cold…I’ve tried to hide in the house as much as possible…lol

My hubby had an accident – again!  This poor guy has just had a black cloud over him this year.  First he got hit with a case of Coke at Walmart and broke his jaw, that happened the middle of january.  Than he wrecked our car – totaled.  Than our truck blew a pully and belt.  Still need to get that fixed but it’s a huge expense.  Now, he slipped on the ice and snapped two tendens in his foot.  Dr is recommending surgery but he won’t do it.  So he’s hobbling around on crotches and is off work.  I love having him home but he’s so miserable he’s not much fun to be around.

Well, HeartStrings news…all Valentine & Heart singles are 50% off until Valentine’s Day.  All sets and samplers are still 15% off.  I have some great new designs coming out tomorrow that I’m really excited about!  I hope ya’ll will be too 🙂

Have a great day and see ya tomorrow