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I’m a bad blogger…
July 12, 2009, 2:26 pm
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Wow, am I a bad blogger or what! I haven’t posted a new blog since the end of May and it’s now the middle of July! Bad bad blogger 😦  I’m a good tweeter though, I Twitter almost every day! 🙂  Does that give me some sort of redemption?  lol 

It’s sunday and I’m feeling goofy today. We finally got moved and mostly settled. Still haven’t gotten everything where I want it but it’s workable. Need to rearrange the kitchen cabinets a bit to make the kitchen flow a bit smoother but overall I really like our new home 🙂  Need to figure out where to put my collection of mason and other miscellaneous jars (they’re still in the boxes I packed them in). Hate to put breakables on shelves because I’ve had a few fall down and everything broke.  That’s just heartbreaking when it’s something that can’t be replaced.  I’ll figure it out I’m sure…one of these days! lol  🙂

Kids are enjoying our new town. The library is within walking distance so my kids are …  ready for this … going to the library almost every day … and it’s SUMMER!  They’re reading and participating in the classes and I think it’s just wonderful!  They have a lot more responsibilities here than they did out in the cornfield, such as a pool to clean every day and a yard overflowing with plants and flowers that must be weeded and tended.  They’re doing great and every day I notice I don’t have to remind them quite as much as the day before to do their ‘chores’. 

I’m gearing up for what is normally Christmas in July at HeartStrings Embroidery – but this year I’m calling it Happy Everything!  I think my overall theme this year will be the seasons.  4 season quilt blocks and a bunch of other things all revolving around the seasons or months or days of the week.  Haven’t decided what all new designs I will have, but they’ll be lots plus a freebie every day. If you have a suggestion for a design you’ve been wanting, let me know.  I have wonderful artists that can draw anything so give me a shout out!

Well I’ve rambled quite a bit now. I need to get busy doing my ‘chores’..the pool needs vacuumed, weeds need pulled and I need to put together our new (to us) pool table.  A little funny…my kids asked me if I could not PRIM out the rec room!  🙂  ROFL  I thought that was too funny!  lol  So I guess that means no saltbox or willow trees or tea-dye allowed in there…rofl rofl 

Have a great day & SMILE 🙂


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When I go to the home page of your web-site…I am seeing others info that is over-laid on your site. One is of a flower shop from the UK and another one that says Welcome to The ArtStore. If I scroll down to the very bottom of the page…I can then see some of your embroidery designs. Wasn’t sure if you know this or not…but I’m a little worried to make a purchase since I’m not sure why I’m seeing that on your web-site.

Comment by Cindy

THANK YOU! I didn’t know! Darn hackers – think they’d have something better to do than mess with other people’s sites. All fixed up now 🙂

Comment by hsembroidery

You have some beatiful deigns for the country look. My son has his house decorated it county and I have some ideas for some projects for his house. Thank you.

Comment by embroideryforfun

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