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Hubby feeling better
March 22, 2009, 1:53 pm
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It’s been a hectic couple weeks here.  Hubby was in the hospital and got 2 stints put in.  One was a 99% blockage in his main artery with a blood clot. Guess the doctor wasn’t expecting that during the procedure because hubby said the room went wild right before they knocked him out cold.  Dr informed us that if he hadn’t of gotten help when he did, he had about a 2 weeks time line before the clot broke free and he would of dropped dead where he stood.  Scary thought – one that really makes you think and puts things in perspective.  Being a widow at 39 with 4 kids, ages 6-13, was never in my game plan and losing my 42 year old hubby has never even been in the thought process.  He has me a bit scared now – he’s picked up a cold, coughing and conjestion.  If he doesn’t feel better today he’s going back in.  I’m scared he may cough the stints lose (can you do that?).  He’s going to take it easy today and let’s hope the kids coorporate.  Hopefully he’ll settle in and watch the race and not try to be Superman today.

In the meantime I’m going to make breakfast and get the pork roast in the crock pot for bbq sandwiches today.  In laws came out last night and we had a fun evening of playing cards and grilling hamburgers on the grill.  I wasn’t feeling the greatest (still dealing with head cold and sinuses) but still enjoyed the evening.

Just poured my first cup of coffee and off to get breakfast ready. Everyone have a great week!

HUGGERS, Stephanie


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Hello the more redwork the better as far as I am concerned…I love your work, it is logical and my sewing machine sounds so happy when I stitch our your work. I appreciate your generosity also…thanks for the celebration…as the volcano erupts again I just sew out the latest…xxoo

Comment by Barbara Bolton

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