Ragged Thymes ~ HeartString Embroidery

New Spring Machine Embroidery designs

~ ~ HAPPY SPRING ~ ~   
Finally – Spring arrived officially today!!!  Are we all doing the happy dance?  What a long and dreary winter it has been!  In honor of the first day of spring all designs are spring related this week!  I even pulled out my pastel(ish) threads!  🙂






This is a gorgeous design with exclusive artwork from Homeberries.  It has all the things we look forward to in the spring…rain, tulips and bunnies. 


5×7 Sampler 



Hyacinths Bloom


Who can deny spring

when the Hyacinths bloom 


This design makes me feel so springy!  I can’t wait for the flowers to bloom!


5×7 Sampler 



Spring Willow Pot


 The newest exclusive Willow Pot is finally here!  I love the flowers on this tree!


5×7 Sampler


4×4 Split 



Flowers Feed the Soul


This coffee or tea cup is filled with our favorite things…fresh flowers, berries and twig lines.  Exclusive artwork from Jo-Ann.


5×7 Sampler



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