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The black cloud continues
February 17, 2009, 9:42 pm
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Ok – can someone huff and puff and blow this black cloud away.  It’s been a heck of a year – and it’s only february 17th…

First my hubby had a case of pop fall and break his jaw, than he totaled our car, than he broke his foot, than the truck broke down… now my site got hacked.  Not just the main site – all of my site.  We’re talking forum, cart, photo gallery…  No customer info was compromised but it’s still a scary thing.  I feel so violated!!  Don’t people have better things to do???  Why would someone mess with me and my little area of the web?  I have the best cart-manager EVER and she was able to save my cart system with no loss of information.  Marian you rock!!!  I am so stressed out over this it’s not funny.  Having a hard time digitizing or focusing on anything and I feel so silly for being this upset about it.  But, my site is ME!  It’s my business, my blood sweat and tears that went into building it, my blood sweat and tears maintain it and everything.  I am just devistated by the whole ordeal. 

I truly don’t know what I would of done had Marian not been able to save my store.  I truly think I would of crawled into bed in the fetal position sucking my thumb.  I can not imagine rebuilding my store.  I have almost 2,000 product listings, plus all the extra that goes into the site such as project instruction and everything else.

But, today is my daughter’s 9th birthday so we’re going to chin up and celebrate her birthday!  No reason my girl should have to suffer cuz mom had a bad day.  My girl is super-duper and I am so proud of her!!  She had a severe case of verbal apraxia and has fought for every word she has ever said.  She has worked harder at school than my other 3 kids puts together-overcoming huge hurdles.  She rocks like woodstock!!!  Happy Birthday Amanda!!!! 

As Scarlett would say, tomorrow is another day…


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