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Ever feel like you’re one step behind
January 21, 2009, 4:53 pm
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and not catching up?  That’s been my day today.  Wow – ran 3 samplers, digitized most of the day while those were stitching.   Listed 3 new items on the store  and now Pam at Adorable Affordable Designs is listing my first set so I have an example to use to get things listed over there.  Stuff went out to DME, well most of it anyway.  Someone remind me to send the treasure hunt designs tomorrow am cuz I’m sure to forget.  My new ‘assistant’ hasn’t started work yet and my hubby was home all day.  I know, doesn’t sound like all that much but it just seems that there is no way it’s almost 5 pm already cuz I didn’t get enough done today.  lol  Yes I’m complaining!  ROFL 

 This is after yesterday when my water lines froze completely up – I mean not a drop.  How can you spend all day working on frozen water lines and they STILL not defrost?  But this am they popped open after 5 minutes with the turbo heater on.  Go figure.  lol  Dishwasher ran and first load of laundry in now.  Amazing how behind you get on laundry after a day or two not doing any.  Disposable clothes anyone?  ROFL 

Well, my creative mind is done for today.  I think it konked out on me about an hour ago. Guess I’ll go make my children some dinner (any ideas there?) and get them settled in with homework and whatsnot for the night.  Chat soon! 

Stitch happy thoughts 🙂


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