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My baby turned 5
March 26, 2008, 8:36 am
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I can’t believe it but my baby turned 5 yesterday!  Wow – he’s growing up so quickly!!!  He had a fun-filled day to celebrate his birthday.  At school he got to be king for the day and wear a cool crown and lead the students to the lunch room.  His teachers gave him a book all about trucks that he was super excited about (he’s a major gear-head). 

 At home he got to pick what was for dinner (chicken and french fries) and than daddy brought home his cake and ice cream and presents!!!  Dad did great shopping for him and got him 3 cool motorized cars whose lights flash and make those wonderful car noises that all moms of boys know so well!  lol  He also got a new lego set and big Hummer that has a tow hook and plow!!  He’s in gear-head heaven!  ROFL

 We did have one little oopsy…my 10 year old DD dropped his cupcake cake.  It was an accident and most of the cupcakes survived (landed in the lid) so we were still able to celebrate!  Once he got the new cars and trucks, cake was about the last thing from his mind so he didn’t even seem to notice!  LOL


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